Customer Question: Out of interest, why do you not offer English still wines? Are you less enthusiastic about them?


Thank you to Richard for submitting the above question.

Premium English Wines is slightly different from other merchants because our wines are delivered to you directly from the vineyards. This means that we can be completely unbiased in our recommendations. It is my dream that we will be able to list every English wine by the end of 2017. 

We do offer English still wines and our best seller is the Lyme Bay Bacchus.  

However, you might have noticed an overall trend of sparkling wines dominating the English wine market. The first reason for this is that Sparkling makes up for 70% of the production. Beyond that, I think that England is still in the process of being recognised by the wider market as a premium producer. 

As such, the sparkling wines tend to command attention because they are a strong competitor to Champagnes and are therefore actually seen as a price-friendly alternative. The number of awards achieved has grown substantially in recent years, alongside favourable results in blind tastings against Champagnes and now even top Champagne houses beginning to buy vineyards on the English coast. 

Contrary to this, English still wines are still gaining recognition, especially as many people may not have even heard of the grape variety yet, regardless of awards. I personally really enjoy Bacchus so I think it's more about getting people to try it first.

Featured Wine:

Lyme Bay - Bacchus

A delicious off-dry, crisp wine displaying refreshing characters of grapefruit, nettle and elderflower, with an exceptionally long finish. 

The Decanter World Wine Awards: BRONZE Bacchus 2014
Food & Drink Devon Awards 2015: GOLD Bacchus 2014

Taste of the West Awards 2015: SILVER Bacchus 2014
UKVA English & Welsh Wine of the Year 2015 : Bronze - Bacchus