Pebblebed Vineyards

"It all started when a few friends got together to grow some vines"
Pebblebed has strong community roots, beginning as a community project in 1999. 11 local families, under the direction of Geoff Bowen, came together to plant the first half acre of vines in an idillic setting, just to the South of Exeter in Devon. The vineyard has grown swiftly since and now, in a good year close to 50,000 bottles of Devon wines are produced.
At Pebblebed, they produce both sparkling and still wines and regularly win medals and awards in local and national competitions.  In particular, English Sparkling is now widely recognised as some of the best in the World and tastings have shown Pebblebed Sparkling is amongst the best in England.  That being said, the still white, rose and pinot noir red definitely need tasting!
The vineyards are managed with careful attention to encouraging wildlife and reducing the impact of farming on the environment. Pebblebed wines are similarly made with great attention to detail and in a “natural” way with the minimum use additives to best exhibit the amazing Devon “terroir”.